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50-year reunion



(Closed to new entries 3/31/2000.)

 I have lost contact with just about everyone. Would like to especially get in contact with Mildred Liddy, Alice Waldrop and Barbara Mc Glasson. If anybody knows the whereabouts of these 3 please pass this message along. ........Margaret Holcomb Morris, 3752 Westcliff Rd. N, Fort Worth, TX 76109

A message to Charles Irwin. It made me very happy to see that you are "looking" for me at the reunion! You and I went all the way from Woodlawn to graduation from Jeff together--- and I am very much looking forward to seeing you in San Antonio. I want you to know that my email address is kerryelk@gmail.com. Plus for your address book: 602 Nancy Drive, Columbia MO 65203. I hope you will read the little blurb about myself that I put in the TJHS50 Guest Book (Note: Guest Book closed - hsk). I think that it is great that we are able to communicate in this manner! Please be in touch! Best wishes and thanks for thinking of me! ...............Elizabeth Ladon Kerry

I, Margaret Ann Chandler(Cooper) will be looking for lots of old friends, Doris Ann, Elward, Patsy Haley Schultz, and Barbara Kirschke I don't think I have seen you since Junior Hi,  also Barbara Noake, I haven't seen you in two years or so, and it surely will be good to see Jane McNeel.  Bye Bye for now...Margaret

Angilee Green will be thrilled to reunite with old friends Jackie Ferry Shannon, Joyce Jones Terry, and Joan Claire Brown McCraw.

Betty Jo Hamlett will be surveying the reunion crowd for Lasso Drum & Bugle Corps members.

Barbara Kirschke wants to see her ol' buddies Mary A. Smith, Barbara Noake, Patsy Haley, Nancy Carson, Doris A. Frazier, and Norma Baxter.

Yvonne Rowe is hoping to run into Betty Lou Gill.

Dorothy Garner "would love to see" Rose Spector, Fred Reilly, and Jane McNeel.

Joie Spiller Laney says hello to Nancy Hurd Stone, Rex Mounger, Pat Roberts, Dorothy Schattenberg, and Tay Maltsberger.

Jan (Dullnig) Wilson:  Tootsie Kothman, my e-mail is JW5379@AOL.COM.  Look forward to seeing you at the reunion.  Don't think Sharon is going to make this one, but she's fine.  Also, would like to see Bill Kennedy.  Has anyone heard from him?  Also, all Phi Mu Chi buddies.  Shirley (Burr) Barth, Sue (Kipp) Gill, Ida (Scott) Worthington, Shirley (Coleman) Minton, Joan (Peyton) Taylor, Joan (Schleising) Gittenger, Joan (Surtees) Boyd, Elizabeth (Greco) and many others.  Look forward to seeing all.

We've heard from Lloyd E. Pawkett, Jr., and he's looking forward to seeing Robert Curl at the 50th.

Charles Irwin wonders if he'll run into Clough Shelton, Louis Guido, Edd Velasco, Raymond McBride, Jean Ann Smith, Rosie Birenberg, M. Spector, Elizabeth Laden, Louis Caballero, Dixie Schaefer, Carolyn Cloud and Shirley Fletcher.

"Ace" Tinch dreams of running into all of the girls in their Lasso uniforms.

Shelley Adams would like to see Dale Hoagland, all members of choirs and Shirley Fletcher (Elrod).

Charles "Gene" Andres is looking for "a few old flames" and his ROTC buddies.

Joan Brauchle (King) hopes that Helen Chengos, Sally Gueringer, Patsy Myers, Joy Cermin and Clara Walvoord will be there!

William Briet is looking forward to running into "anyone who looks older"
than he does.

Joan Brown (McCraw) would like to run into members of MJR, Lassos, Yemmessee & Tri K.

Shirley Burr (Barth) says she'd like Judy Metz to be there.  "If you can get her to come, tell her I asked her to."

Alfred "Al" Chamberlain hopes that he'll be there, alive and healthy.

Margaret Ann Chandler (Cooper) lists Patsy, Doris Ann, Elward, Barbara Strickert and Rodney DePue (and wife) as those she'd like to see.

Helen Chengos (Karas) wants to reunite with Joy Cermin  (Hilts), Joan Brauchle (King), Sally Ann Gueringer, Melba June King and Bill Kennon.

Carolyn Cloud (Greer) has her eyes peeled for the likes of Barbara Noake (Strickland), Shirley Fletcher (Elrod), Nancy O'Byrne, Rosie Birenberg (Spector), Elizabeth Ladon, Beverly Brown, Joann Nota (Burke) and Norma Lee Baxter.

Bernice Cohan (West) says, "Where are you, Miriam Pachter?"

Wally Crow is on the lookout for "all my old (not old) girlfriends and a few guys."

Barton Ellison is looking forward to catching up with Maurice Ryan, Scott Grey, Dudley Chatham, Harry Nichols, Lolly Bickley, John Buenz, Harry Leonard, Calvin Mickler, Roberto Tamez, and Rodney DePue.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ferry (Shannon) has missed Carolyn Greer, Angilee Sheldon, and Virginia Campbell.

Rudy Fuentes wants to talk about old times with "all my football buddies - Tynan, Chambers, Meeks, Monaco, etc."

Verna Armatine Glenn (Tullas) is looking forward to catching up with Ann Perkins (Donaldson), Elward Schneider (Reiss) and George Davis and Myrna Tannebeger (Davis).

Elizabeth Greco (Schnettler) hopes to see her old girl "pals" whom she ran around with in junior and senior high school.

Louis Guido, Jr. is looking forward to running into Bill Shepard and Jean Ann Smith.

Naomi Mendoza (Hodge):  Olga Ruth Meddellin (Marroquin) and Leonar Davila (Hernandez Pacheco) - will you be there?

Paul S. Kipping wants to know if Herbert E. Harper and Wallace Crow still have all their hair.

Harold S. Kost is excited about seeing fellow band members.

Mary Jane Kothmann (Whitt) hopes that Barbara Sue Frazier, Wanda Harris, Jan Dulnig and Sharon Dulnig will be there.

Mildred Liddy (Minett) hopes that Doris Ann Middleton will be at the TJH 50th.

Burney Jean Lipke (Phelps) remembers fondly all her sub-deb sisters.

David Makar hopes that William Kenny and Jerry Johnston will look him up.

Rex C. Mounger says "she knows" who he'd like to see.  (Hint:  Wanda Lee Jones)

Louis Pantuso looks forward to reuniting with old friends James Desmukes, Amy Johnson, and Annette Maxwell.

Norma Lee Roberts (Batte) hopes that Woodlawn Elementary and Horace Mann comrades will be at the reunion.

Maurice O. "Bus" Ryan specifically requests that Amy Johnson, Betty Jo Arnett, S.M. Meeks, Mickey Thompson, Dudley Chatman, and other class officers be there.

Tom Sawyer wants to get together with Richard Tynan and Judy Metz (Tynan).

William Schleuse asks that Harold Kost, John Buenz, Sharon Schofield, and all the gang from the band report to San Antonio on March 31, 2000.

Sharon Schofield (Scholl) looks forward to running into Roselee Elley, Bill Schleuse, Frank Goodman, Juan Sauceda, Clara Walvoord, and Carl Tauch.

Joy Van Artsdalen (Reeners) hopes that Joan Marshall, Betty Thompson and Norma Navarro attend the 50th!

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