Mexico deports Cubans awaiting travel documents to try to reach the U.S.

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In all of December 2013, the total number of Cuban migrants who encountered U.S. law enforcement while trying to reach the U.S was. through Central America and Mexico with the knowledge that they.

Burgeoning numbers of Cubans are trying to get into the U.S. by way of the Mexican border, creating a big backlog of people waiting on the Mexican side for months for their chance to apply for asylum.

Number of Cubans Entering the U.S. Through Mexico Up 400 Percent. So far this year, about 2,300 Cubans have been detained in Mexico on their way to the U.S. The number is expected to reach 3,500 by December. This is a 400 percent jump when compared to last year, when migratory stations tallied only 762 Cubans.

The reason Cubans travel through Mexico largely goes back to President Barack Obama ending a Cold War-era policy that allowed Cubans fleeing the country to be eligible for U.S. residency a year after setting foot on U.S. soil. So instead of Cubans trying to reach the U.S. by sea, which could lead to quick arrest and deportation, they now fly to other nearby countries like Nicaragua and Guyana and make.

Deported After Living In The U.S. For 26 Years, He Navigates A New Life In Mexico (State law in the U.S. and he was eventually able to reunite with his children and bring them back to Mexico after a 2½-year separation. molly goss, a lawyer in Mexico City for the Institute for.

 · Those who reach the San Ysidro Port of Entry a few miles from downtown San Diego wind up in immigration detention centers first, and then – until Thursday’s shift in U.S. Haiti deportation.

More than 11,000 Cubans slipped into the United States via Mexico last year, according to U.S. authorities. Most sneak off the island without exit permits from the Cuban government and travel in small speedboats to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

At the same time, it became more difficult for migrants in Asia or Africa to reach Europe. Now the Mexican government is trying. Mexico swiftly issued exit visas to Cuban nationals so that they.

Cubans Now Face Same Deportation Risk As Other Immigrants. Blanco was allowed to stay as long as he made routine visits to ICE. However, he was arrested on May 9 and is now awaiting deportation. An ICE spokeswoman said only that the agency intends to deport him based on the 2005 order.