Manufacturing offers ‘new collar’ jobs with high skills, high pay

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Manufacturing offers ‘new collar’ jobs with high skills, high pay. By Carolyn Lee posted 11-01-2018 16:36 0 Recommend. I am pleased to have recently teamed up with President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. and STEP Ahead Alum, Susan Elkington, on an Op Ed that appeared in the.

Andrew Skelnik grew up in what he calls a “strong blue-collar background” in Chicago. His father was an electrician, his uncle was a carpenter and his first job out of high school. on Education and.

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Manufacturing jobs were at one time the ones where people who lacked a college education could earn a good living. But manufacturing has changed while the delusion persists that one can make a decent income with only a high-school diploma. To get a manufacturing job today requires having advanced math, writing, and problem-solving abilities.

11 High-Paying Blue Collar Jobs with Mike Rowe by Staff – April 19, 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that chemical manufacturing plants have some of the lowest injury rates in the U.S. thanks to stringent and heavily monitored safety regulations.. but many cities and.

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To turn the tide, American’s blue-collar industries are adopting a blunter recruiting approach by touting how new entrants. skills jobs including many trades grew a more modest 29 percent, the.

High Paying blue collar jobs tend to require more work with one’s hands, and are generally speaking more physical in nature than white collar jobs, which might require one to sit in an office most, if not all, of the day. However, one common myth is that white collar jobs pay more.

Overcoming manufacturing’s perception problem is critical, but we also need to give Kentuckians the right skills to land today’s manufacturing jobs, too. These jobs are not just high tech and.

The skills gap, in which jobs stay vacant for lack of qualified applicants, has given opportunities to people like Hannaford who take the initiative to train for hotly desired skills. Many new-collar jobs offer the potential for job security, career growth and a large salary increase from other jobs available to those without college degrees.

That’s why GM and more than a half-dozen other businesses and supporters have joined an initiative for a new advanced manufacturing education program at fraser high school next school year that will.