Jack Graham: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life

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Mega church pastor says: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life – Way off. Whites and blacks each account for about 45% of abortions. So blacks are certainl

Sue Barker presents live coverage of the women’s Australian Open final. 24 year-old Tara as she travels to England for an abortion as well hearing from Sarah, who turned from being pro-life to a.

Jack Graham: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life. News May 13, 2019. Jihadists in Western Africa Kill 6 More Church-Goers. News May 13, 2019.. Jack Graham: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life. News May 13, 2019. Popular Articles.

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The notion that if a pro-life law is passed it would exempt the potential mother as a "victim" is laughable. Not only that the law will extend its tentacles to include women who have spontaneous miscarriages. It’s already been done in the U.S. and is common in countries that outlaw abortion.

I went to NRB last week and met with some of the most prominent christian broadcasters from the US and around the world. I had the chance to speak with Kay Arthur and June Hunt, and listen to Chip Ingram and Jack Graham. I’ll tell you a little more about meeting Maxim Maximov in a future post-a little closer to our departure for the mission to Perm, Russia.

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We decided that our ministry with people living with mental illness was not going to be a side project. a conservative evangelical minister whose strong pro-life views about abortion are at the.

House Rep. Jeff Leach killed the only bill that would make abortion illegal in Texas and Leach states that he does not want to make abortion a crime which would prosecute women. That means that.

Abortion clinics don’t share the ugly truth that abortion stops one heart and can break another. Many evangelicals support overturning Roe vs. Wade, but we also believe God has not called us to punish women who are seeking or have had abortions while we pray, wait and work for the day it will be overturned.

“It’s a generational decision,” exulted Jack Graham. access to abortion, and will agree with conservative interpretations of religious liberty – such as ruling in favor of wedding vendors who.